Graduate Diaries - Week 5

24 Oct 2018

Monday was a self-study day although not less busy than the other days, it consisted of revising the training manuals and working collaboratively with the other graduates, explaining key concepts to each other. This was a useful learning environment in preparation for our end of training evaluation. In the second half of the day I worked on developing my Oil & Gas industry knowledge to update our CEO and MD.

On Tuesday we were introduced to some Data Analytics software used by LogiKal, including SQL and Power BI, which are used to assist us in the quantification and display of data. In tandem with this, we were given an overview of data management from an extremely competent member of the team. On Wednesday, I undertook the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test, an essential part of becoming a successful consultant as it gains you access to the sites upon which you may be doing planning.

On the Thursday of this week, all the graduates undertook an end of training evaluation, which broadly covered all the different themes we had learned over the preceding 5 weeks through a variety of testing formats. This final assessment was a great opportunity to prove what we have learnt throughout the training programme, and to highlight our strengths.

All of the grads, myself included have really enjoyed the different aspects of the training which although a steep learning curve, has hugely increased both our confidence and capabilities in a wide variety of areas preparing us to join LogiKal consultants and start working on exciting projects.