Graduate Diaries - Week 4

24 Oct 2018

On Monday we had an introduction to construction and engineering. It was a useful and informative session designed to give us all foundation knowledge of activities which might be occurring on site at any given time.

We spent Tuesday looking at Risk Management which although slightly more theoretical, gave us an understanding of what is involved in assessing and responding to risk within the framework of project management.

Wednesday was a big day as we reviewed the Schedule Development Exercise we had started working on in the second week. Over the course of the day we undertook different activities to assess our own work, this was a great learning tool, which allowed us to look at not only the planning and software skills but also our interpersonal and presentation abilities. I thought it was fascinating to see how all the graduates approached the task differently, it certainly offered a different perspective which I might not have seen otherwise.

On Thursday, we were given a more thorough and focused overview of Change Management. During this session, there was a decent proportion of time given for discussion within the group, I really think this is an important learning tool to use when being introduced a complex concept such as change, because it encourages you to think more for yourself, rather than just learning from notes.

During the scheduled site visits on Fridays, I have been keen to get to know the consultants who have been assigned and learn from their perspective how everything we learn is applied in practice. In this way, I have gained an even better understanding of LogiKal’s influence upon clients’ activities. On my first site visit I was lucky enough to see the HS2 Enabling Works and was amazed to see how many activities and how much data must be managed for only small a part of the project, here I really saw the value of LogiKal’s contribution to project management. At HS2 I also got an insight into Dashboard Reporting & Analytics using Power BI, a powerful piece of visualizing software which LogiKal are using to effectively communicate their work. During my visit to Crossrail, the introduction to construction course I had done came in very handy, as I was able to identify several of the engineering processes which the contractor was carrying out.