Graduate Diaries - Week 3

24 Oct 2018

The third week of the LogiKal Graduate Development Programme began with a day course on Earned Value Management. In the morning we were given a thorough presentation on Earned Value Project Management. Throughout the day we participated in various workshops, from creating Earned Value curves to using the Performance Measurement Baseline. Although the concepts were new to all of us, the teaching was detailed and informative and the workshops were very collaborative. There was plenty of time for questions throughout the day, and at the end of the session, together we summarised what we had learnt. Although the day was challenging due to a number of new terms and techniques to learn, it was enjoyable to work together as a team.

On Tuesday, we attended a Profile and CV build session. We were taken through how to create a professional profile page about ourselves which will be given to prospective clients. It was interesting to see a variety of CV formats and how each graduate had included a variety of different qualities on their CV.

On Wednesday, we visited a number of different sites that LogiKal is working on. Myself and another graduate went for an introductory meeting with LogiKal colleagues at the Birmingham office to get to know them better. We then visited the offices of LM working with HS2, where we saw first hand how the work of LogiKal greatly benefits their planning controls. The work was very interesting and was thoroughly impressive from a variety of project controls aspects, including consent from stakeholders and the implementation of performance dashboards.

On Thursday, we attended a training day on Strategic Consulting Skills held by LogiKal’s Chairman. Throughout the day we created and presented a number of presentations in the smaller groups, of a role play scenario of how we would present to a client. The day greatly improved my presentation skills and concluded in a number of personality tests. It was interesting to see how different our personalities were, and how each individual complements one another.

On Friday, we attended a Cost Management training day. We were taught a variety of topics including; investment appraisal, cost estimating, cost controlling and cost reporting. It was interesting to see some real-life examples of costing in a LogiKal consultant’s role, as we viewed Cost Dashboard for the London Tideway project.

Week 3 was very varied in terms of the different training days. It was great to feel increasingly more integrated into LogiKal and attend the monthly team meeting held on the Thursday. It was interesting to meet many new colleagues at LogiKal in a social setting and to see how the company is moving forward.