Graduate Diaries - Week 2

24 Oct 2018

The second week began with a further introduction to P6 Fundamentals which we had been briefed on in the previous week. We had an intensive day learning about setting a baseline, creating/assigning roles and resources and lastly reporting and printing in the appropriate format for clients. The process although very detailed was explained and reviewed, with plenty of time for questions. We were then handed the LogiKal Schedule Development Exercise to read over and understand before we were given time to begin the subsequent day. We took time to work in teams as well as individually to encourage the generation of ideas and support each other with the programme requirements. Between working we took short breaks with our other colleagues in the office playing table football and going out to get lunch. Doing these small activities further allowed us to learn from each other and what we were currently working on.

The week progressed into an introduction to Project Controls where we developed our further understanding of the key skills and requirements needed to provide the quality and defined scope required on a project. In brief this further included an introduction to earned value management, principles of risk management, cost engineering/forecasting and change management. This overview was particularly interesting as it developed the detail required to provide insightful data to be used by management. Towards the end of the week the graduates were shown how to search and construct market research specifically for their industry sector. This was an exciting prospect knowing that we would likely be supporting LogiKal with future business prospects while working alongside senior management in developing this key segment of the business.

On the Thursday evening the graduates planned a social event at the Knights Templar on Chancery Lane, where we enjoyed learning more about each other as individuals and what interests and hobbies we are involved in.

The week finished with a variety of site visits, specifically I and two others were sent to Thames Tideway where we visited their main site at BMB Tideway West and Putney. Both had significant challenges which were very interesting and worthwhile seeing first hand and through the LogiKal team we met. The work being done there was fascinating and thoroughly impressive from a variety of project controls aspects, risk management and the implementation of performance dashboards.